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Art for Wellbeing

Ellen’s Art for Wellbeing Workshops are held in West Sussex and are designed for you to enjoy some time for yourself whilst you create something that is uniquely yours. Immerse yourself in a calm, creative journey, the workshops combine abstract watercolours and nature-inspired line drawings to create unique pieces tailored to you. The workshops provide a space to explore the profound impact of colour on mood and the joy that can be sparked during the creative process.

At the heart of the workshops is the belief that art is a powerful tool for self-discovery and stress relief. Ellen starts each workshop with a short, guided meditation to give you a chance to detach from the outside world, connect with yourself and bring you into the present. From there, Ellen will give demonstrations and guidance whilst also leaving the creative journey open for you to create a unique piece of artwork. 

Ellen has a strong belief that everyone no matter their experience with art, will be able to create something they are proud of. So, whether you're a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, these workshops offer a refuge for self-expression and relaxation. Embrace the moment, delve into the world of colours and shapes, and witness the transformative power of art on your overall mental and emotional wellbeing.

Plus, there is always cake and who can say no to that?

All materials are provided.


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