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Frequently asked questions about Wellbeing Coaching

Deciding to see a wellbeing coach is the first step to making positive changes, taking control and finding more joy in life. However, it can feel like a big step, especially if you haven’t experienced coaching before. These FAQs may give you an insight into what coaching involves, deciding whether coaching is right for you and how Ellen at Enjoy Your Journey can support you in your coaching journey.

What is a wellbeing coach?

A life coach or wellbeing coach is a trained professional who aims to help and guide individuals to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. In Ellen’s case she has trained with Wellness Professionals at Work and has completed a Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching which includes 300 hours of study and 100 hours of supervised coaching. She is also accredited by the Association of Coaching.

By harnessing techniques based on core psychological principles and intuition, Ellen empowers clients and provides a toolkit to confidently face challenges and overcome barriers.

Ellen will not tell you what to do, instead, she will use questioning techniques to help you uncover the answers yourself. Ellen will provide a safe space for you to explore any challenges you are facing.

At the heart of it all, lies the idea that clients must be given the power to help themselves. Offering advice, opinions and judgements would undermine some of the basic principles behind life coaching.

What can Ellen help me with?

Ellen will use expertise and experience in order to tailor questions, tools and strategies to you to help you achieve your overall goals. These are just some of the aspects that Ellen can help with:

  • Ellen is here to help if you are feeling stuck and want some clarity on areas in your life

  • Ellen can help you to set and achieve goals in a manageable way and identify barriers that are stopping you from achieving what you want in order to overcome them

  • Ellen uses Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in order to help you overcome anxieties that are holding you back and build a healthy, happy mindset

  • It is important to Ellen that during sessions, you are able to build up the tools and strategies in order for you to feel empowered to take control of your life and eventually overcome whatever life throws at you

  • Ultimately, whatever reason you show up for yourself in coaching sessions, Ellen is here to support you on your journey and help you to create more joy, build your confidence and Enjoy Your Journey.


A discovery call is the perfect opportunity to discuss what you would like Ellen to help you with and how this can be done within the coaching process.

What is CBC?

Cognitive behavioural coaching (CBC) is something Ellen uses as a strategy in her coaching sessions in order to overcome barriers that are holding her clients back. You may have heard of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) which is a form of therapy widely used by mental health professionals to treat anxiety and depression.


Cognitive-behavioural approaches emphasize that how we respond, physically and emotionally to events, is largely based on our views of them, not by the events themselves. Through reframing unhelpful mindsets, we can implement alternative viewpoints that may be more effective in aiding problem-solving and changing behaviour.  


CBC can be used with non-clinical individuals in order to help them in reaching their own solutions using their existing skills and knowledge. It involves exploring the current thoughts, behaviours and emotions around a certain situation and reframing faulty thought patterns in order to create new positive, healthy thought patterns. Through doing this, clients can gain new perspective on how they can handle situations which they have been struggling with. Ellen’s approach with CBC often supports clients in building self-esteem, self-reliance and overall confidence with managing life’s challenges.

What happens during a session?

Coaching sessions will typically last an hour unless otherwise agreed with Ellen. An initial Discovery Call, via phone or video call, will help Ellen to gain understanding of what you are looking to achieve through your coaching journey. This is also a great opportunity to get to know Ellen and ask any questions you may have about the coaching process. Further coaching sessions will be conducted online via Zoom.

During the session, Ellen will ask you some questions, such as what your specific goals are, what areas you're unhappy with and where you'd like to see yourself in the future. Although Ellen will work with you, she will not advise you or tell you what to do. Ellen’s coaching sessions are designed to help you to find the answers for yourself empowering you to meet goals and overcome barriers in your own way. What is right for one person may not be right for you, so it is important that the thoughts and actions come from you and are authentic to you in order to move forward with your goals. You will never be forced to make any decisions you don't feel comfortable with and all sessions will be confidential, allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings privately in a safe space.

The relationship between you and Ellen will be a partnership, Ellen will gently encourage you to explore how to make positive change and sometimes challenge you in order to move forward. Depending on your coaching needs and goals, Ellen may set you tasks to complete outside of coaching sessions and these are designed to complement your coaching journey. These tasks may involve journaling, creative activities or using tools learned during sessions.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

This will be different for everyone. You will first decide whether to start the short-term or long-term coaching programme. The short-term programme includes 6 sessions which will be used within 4 months of starting. The long-term coaching programme includes 10 sessions which will be used within 8 months of starting. If you are unsure which coaching programme to choose from, please contact Ellen for a Discovery Call and she can help you to decide which is best for you at this time.

If more coaching sessions are needed, returning clients can book one-off sessions with a 10% discount or you may book another coaching programme. Online sessions are designed to fit around your schedule and you can choose how often you have coaching sessions; some people choose to have one per week and others every other week. This can be your choice as long as sessions are booked within the agreed time-frame.

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