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About Ellen

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My name is Ellen. I grew up and currently live in West Sussex, UK. Previous to my journey into the wellbeing and coaching industry, I studied Primary Education at university and taught in classrooms for 6 years. During this time in my life, I was passionate about teaching and ambitious about working my way up in the roles that I carried out.


Although I am still passionate about teaching and working with children, unfortunately I found my wellbeing and mental health suffering due to the culture of the education system here in the UK. In 2019, I decided I needed to take more control over my own life and path. I started working on overcoming anxiety and depression and through this journey, I was able to see that I did not have to live the life I was living; I could choose to make changes in order to create more joy in my life.


I resigned from my teaching job and booked a flight to Sydney...the best thing I have ever done. I have taken the last couple of years learning about myself, what I want and creating the life I want and deserve. The most important thing I learned during this time was to 'Enjoy the Journey'; no matter where you are in achieving your goals, create joy along the way.


After studying for a diploma in Holistic Life Coaching, I now work as a wellbeing coach. I love working with my clients to overcome negative thought patterns which are holding you back, improving your mental wellbeing and building your confidence to create the life you want and deserve. And most importantly, helping you to Enjoy Your Journey.


If you would like to join me in enjoying your journey, make positive changes in your life and have more confidence in creating the life you want, book a Discovery Call today!

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